NEWS! 2016 GATHERING 29-30-31 July


GUYS, we are bbbbbacckkkk!! Mark. The. Date.

Yes indeed, in 2016 we will be organizing the SECOND Gathering in Amsterdam. The dates are fixed for 29-30-31 July. Headquarters of the event will be Vondelbunker again, but…we are busy organizing a bike trip/hitch-hiking race, liaising with other locations and….will be announcing LOTS of things in the next few weeks and months.

If you would like to speak, present, propose a theme, or anything else creative, please write your idea to:

Everyone else: join our Facebook group, where we regularly announce things and ask for help:

…or come back to this page, over and over again….





BIOs: Speakers, Film-, Performers…

WE ARE WORKING HARD ON THE 2016 PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!! Come back in June 2016.

For inspiration, here is LAST YEAR’S:



Nina from Youarealltourists has travelled to over 70 countries and has hitchhiked in almost all of them, she has as hitched not only on the road, but also on water and through the air. When she was 20 she hitched across the Sahara desert by herself. A few months later on the same trip she got a cargo ship to take her to the Cap Verde islands.  Since, she hitchhiked on yachts to go back to Africa, in Pakistan she hitchhiked with an armed guard through a border region,  and on Borneo she hitched along rivers with crocodiles to villages not connected by road, where the children had never seen a foreigner before. And that’s just a fraction of the stories she has to tell. Hitch-hiking, Saturday 18th July, Female Solo Travel: 19th July

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REGISTRATION now possible!

Technically, you don’t need to buy a ticket or register for any of the sessions but…it’s very hard for us to say how many people will attend (such is the nature of travellers)!, so… if you really want to make sure you reserve a place for the workshops, please send an email to with in the subject line the name of the session, and you’ll be good (see: Program)

New Second Location (Sunday)!

We are pleased to announce that we have a great concert night for you for the Sunday night: Autonomia Promotions will welcome you all at another fabulous autonomous freespace venue closeby, Vrankrijk !!! So when the last workshop finishes at 20.00 on Sunday, we’ll all walk down there and End Party in Style! skapunk oi punk rock and roll blues rockabilly garage and ska. -> Amsterdammmm has it all.


NOMADS is an online community for sharing ideas & information on low-budget/moneyless/low-impact ways to live sustainably on the road.

This event is the first of what we hope will be many worldwide gatherings organised by NOMADS community group members.

The gathering is open to all interested in our topics and issues. Read more about it here and here. See you in July!