The talented Lindy Hua has made us a poster. We are very pleased with it. Please spread it around!



New Second Location (Sunday)!

We are pleased to announce that we have a great concert night for you for the Sunday night: Autonomia Promotions will welcome you all at another fabulous autonomous freespace venue closeby, Vrankrijk !!! So when the last workshop finishes at 20.00 on Sunday, we’ll all walk down there and End Party in Style! skapunk oi punk rock and roll blues rockabilly garage and ska. -> Amsterdammmm has it all.


NOMADS is an online community for sharing ideas & information on low-budget/moneyless/low-impact ways to live sustainably on the road.

This event is the first of what we hope will be many worldwide gatherings organised by NOMADS community group members.

The gathering is open to all interested in our topics and issues. Read more about it here and here. See you in July!