NOMADS is an online community for sharing ideas & information on low-budget/moneyless/low-impact ways to live sustainably on the road.


Our mission statement

The event is the first of what we hope will be many worldwide gatherings organised by NOMADS community group members. The goal is to offer a space and day programme to learn and improve on skills needed on the road and in our low impact lives. We are inviting ‘experts’ to present and guide these.

There will be an integration of local and travelling projects and speakers. The day programme will contain a showcase of subjects and issues typically discussed between (potential) travellers and nomads. In the evening, local and travelling artists will perform, and a short social evening is offered.

The event is participatory, attendants are expected to be active and pro-active members of the 2-day community: either by holding and attending workshops and discussions, helping out on the day, or just by being absolutely awesome helping out each other, whether that is finding accommodation, offering space in your tent, picking up someone with your car, sharing, hitchhiking together, etc……

For the city of Amsterdam it is also an opportunity to present its lively autonomous and independent do-it-yourself scene.

Though of course the event is a unique socializing opportunity, and it will be fun, it is not just a party! Amsterdam has many places on offer to party, and we can point you in the right direction for alternatives throughout the weekend. Attendants are more than welcome to organize their own meet-ups and meetings around the 2 days: that’s what a gathering is also about.




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