Where is it?

Amsterdam, Netherlands, in an autonomous underground free space.

It is a bunker inside the Vondelpark, run by the political and cultural nomadic collective, Schijnheilig. Websites:

http://schijnheilig.org/about-us/ (English)

http://vondelbunker.nl/ (Dutch)

https://www.facebook.com/Schijnheilig (FB page).

How can I get there?

Get inside the park from the main entrance.

Within 10 minutes walking you will see a big cement bridge where cars and trams (3, 12) are going over, and people walk under to continue going through the park.


Look for this door, inside the bridge on the right side of the stairs:


Sunday night, when the last workshop finishes, we will move to another venue, autonomous freespace Vrankrijk, a historical venue walking distance away, where Autonomia Productions will welcome us with a live concert night. http://vrankrijk.org/events/autonomia-promotions-present-rude-pride-es-mise-en-scene-be-a-anti-fascist-benefit/


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