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July 6th, 2015With immense pleasure we introduce you to our Speakers, Film makers, Performers & more!! Please keep checking back for changes, and the Program page for the most up-to-date schedule.


Nina from Youarealltourists has travelled to over 70 countries and has hitchhiked in almost all of them, she has as hitched not only on the road, but also on water and through the air. When she was 20 she hitched across the Sahara desert by herself. A few months later on the same trip she got a cargo ship to take her to the Cap Verde islands.  Since, she hitchhiked on yachts to go back to Africa, in Pakistan she hitchhiked with an armed guard through a border region,  and on Borneo she hitched along rivers with crocodiles to villages not connected by road, where the children had never seen a foreigner before. And that’s just a fraction of the stories she has to tell. Hitch-hiking, Saturday 18th July, Female Solo Travel: 19th July

Micael has been a full-time wanderer for two years. Nomad, juggler and writer with a passion for life, he is a co-creator of the alternative life project site Alternative travels, Free, and Off-the-grid Living, Sunday 19th July

Karine has a gipsy soul. Needlewoman, photographer, experienced hitchhiker, nomad. A dreamer that thinks that life has more to offer and that people are good, co-creator of the alternative life project Alternative travels, Free, and Off-the-grid Living, Sunday 19th July

Dolan is a writer and musician. His recent play set during the Spanish CIvil is showing as part of the Amsterdam Free Fringe and at the Amsterdam International Story-Telling Festival. Many of his bands have performed widely and extensively within the squat and alternative cultural scene in Amsterdam for the last 8 years. Dolan began squatting in the East End of London in 1994 as part of the direct action movement opposing the construction of the M11 Link Road.  In Bristol he was involved in Bristol Housing Action Movement (BHAM) a locally organised social housing (dis)organisation. In Amsterdam he organised the cultural events at the long running social centre Antarctica.
Reclaiming Spaces, Saturday, 18th July

Veronika: “ taught me.cycling and basic bikemechanics and now see where it all leads to? Haha, now seriously, born and raised in medium in a huge house that was always open for everyone, admiring my rebellious older brother and nonetheless the well behaving little girl until once during Latin classes I looked out of the window and thought ,for whatever reason, what if I’d die that day? and decided that this can’t really be the sense of it all. Well, I was still the well behaving (compared to my brother) A-grade girl, didn’t quit school and even finished medical university, but by that time I already tried to travel or do as many parts of my studies abroad as possible, what brought me to Venezuela, Canada and South Africa. Still favouring the rebellious members of society, I specialized in Children’s Psychiatry, got a job in Berlin, which almost ended my travelling career as I just love that place, but had to realize that the system I worked on was not what I’ve been look for and that I (rather my title) was only needed to prescribe drugs to kids to make them functioning members of a society I didn’t support myself. So I quit, sat on my bike and left. .. for what I thought would be maybe 2 weeks before I book a.flight to carribean. Well, it’s 3 month later and I’m still on the bike so obviously I liked it :) Boats, Bikes, Motors, Skates and Magical Buses: Sunday 19th July

Also active for as Ambassador, she will chat about this project during the Reclaiming Food Waste workshops (both days)

Kim from Travel Without Money and Vrouw op Reis is 24, a Dutch solo female traveler who travels with as less money as possible. After studying all over the world (Netherlands, USA, Sweden and Bangladesh) is now a full time traveler/hitchhiker/nomad. “I want to go to places where no one else wants to go. Explore, go out, adventure! :D” Female Solo Travel, Sunday 19th July, Alternative travels, Free, and Off-the-grid Living, Sunday 19th July

Katia, avid solo hitchhiker, has been travelling since being a high school student. Now she studies Creative Writing, Ethnology, Musicology and some other useless stuff. Tumblr Performing Saturday 18th July: Music
Female Solo Travel, Sunday 19th July

Theresa was in the Middle East as female solo traveler for about 2-3 months in total and later settled down there for about 2 years. WordPress
Female Solo Travel, Sunday 19th July

Natalia Copeland, Polish-American student, artist, full-time daydreamer.
Raised in Warsaw, she lives now in Leuven, Belgium. She loves to sing and create music. Her coolest travelling experience was hitch hiking with her mom. Natalia will tell us about her experience with busking as an alternative way to make money on the trip. Don’t miss it!
Alternative travels, Free, and Off-the-grid Living, Sunday 19th July

Erwin from Raw Sleep Out , “29 years old, and live in the northern city of Groningen in the Netherlands. In 2008 I started backpacking and directly fell in love with it. Every vacation I had, my backpack was packed and I went away to explore countries, hitch hike and work. I’ve been working on farms (WWOOF-ing) in hostels, with sheepherders and at a husky dog ranch. I’ve experienced most of western Europe, but also a little of the balkan, eastern Europe and the east coast of the USA. They were great trips, but I didn’t like to be dependent on public transport or cars. It was in 2011 when I bought a bicycle in Sweden and cycled 900 kilometers to the north. This was the moment the love for self sufficient travel was born. Wild camping, going slow and everything on your own power. I directly had the feeling I wanted to do more of this stuff, and one day I came up with the idea to do this as a school project and since I was doing a creative education this was totally possible. So I cycled from Hungary back to my mom’s hometown of Scheemda in the Netherlands, and made a 25 minute documentary about WWOOF and the cycling trip. Then it really started to get to me. I’ve made some small trips in the Netherlands and Belgium. I’ve made short films from these trips and started writing about them. My last trip was a winter trip and a good challenge for me. 450 km on inline skates, while I wasn’t even able to skate. So I’ve learned how to do it, packed my backpack with tent and went on a winter adventure. Now I didn’t do this just for the fun of it. I’ve made a documentary about why people want to take on these (sometimes) difficult adventures. So I use the travels I make as my creative outlet. And the next trip is already in the making; cycling from Maastricht to the Mt. Blanc. Without a map…” Boats, Bikes, Motors, Skates and Magical Buses: Sunday 19th July, Documentary screening, Sunday 19th July (see below:)

FILMS, Sunday 19th July

Some people are going on tough, adventurous journeys. Climbing mountains, thousands of kilometers on a bicycle or motorcycle, walking trough deserts or skating a whole country. Why do people leave their warm and safe houses and trade it for the thin canvas of a tent. Why choose uncertainty over the known path? Why do we go out? Trailer

Modern Nomads, a film by Anna Willems & Youssef Abjij, tells the story of Robert Roelink (39) who decided to live a different life, a life in a camper. He travels through the country with his mobile house; free as a bird and not bound to one location. As an artist, he makes art on different places in Holland and he ‘lives’ where he works at that moment. Who thinks that a nomad existence is lonely, is wrong. His girlfriend Katinka has a house in Amsterdam, but mostly lives in her own camper. Robert and Katinka travel to each other – meet on different places in the country – and travel away from each other. ‘Modern Nomads’ shows the life of a man who dreamed to be a successful graphic designer but chose a different life.

Anna & Youssef are graduated journalists. At the moment they work in different area’s. Youssef works for the national news broadcaster of the Netherlands, NOS News. Anna works on freelance basis on movies and she’s busy specializing in zeitgeist research, she thinks future subjects should be covered. Anna & Youssef don’t work together on a project now, but you never know where their paths cross again.

BOOK PRESENTATION , Saturday July 18th

15m of Freedom by Angeniet Berkers (1985), A social documentary photographer from Rotterdam with a great interest in people who live in real other ways than her own. This way of life can be a free choice but it can also be a bitter necessity. The photographer loves to stay over for a longer period of time to create an intimacy in her series. Her pictures feature a colorful and warm atmosphere. On Saturday at the Nomads Gathering she will be telling about her latest photo book ’15m2 of freedom’ where she researched the way of life of people living in busses, trucks and trailers. The book will also be for sale! You can check out more about the project here:



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