Sleeping, Getting there & Other Useful Info

No, unfortunately there is no sleeping place at the venue. We expect everyone to organise their own accommodation: local hosts, find camping spots, or travel through on their way to another cool summer gathering in Europe.

There’s more than just Couchsurfing! Some great links for hospitality exchange are found on our group page.

Through our volunteer program, you can find place through an organizer, or at an upcoming local eco campsite: Go here

Are you a couchsurfing/bewelcome/trustroots/etc. ambassador? Do you regularly organize meet-ups for travellers, and have a network you can pull on? Love hospitality exchange?  The job is yours, email us and we will reward you BIG TIME!

Links: Very affordable and laid back campsite, 1 tram ride away from venue.

We will post more links as we come across them 🙂


How can I get in touch with others to TRAVEL THERE /SHARE CAR OR TENT TOGETHER?

We reccomend posting on our event and group pages, to share rides, hitch hike together, share a tent, etc.! Join here


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